Ultra Rich Butter Balm (face)

Ultra Rich Butter Balm is comprised of many Amazonian Rain Forest ingredients to serve as one of the world's most exotic and nourishing butter and oil beauty balm. Facial oils have emerged as key sought after products on many women's skincare shelves. Not only are the oils and butter that we have picked exotic, but they are the highest in essential fatty acids, they are also super rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. We've added salicylic acid in the form of willow bark to help even skin tones, and to provide gentle exfoliate of the skin. Willow bark also helps combat acne and reduce large pores. This formula has been carefully balanced to allow for absorption to deeper layers of the skin giving effective hydration allowing just enough oil to remain on the skin to offer up a beautiful dewy glow that lacks greasiness. Your skin deserves the best. Use this cream daily for best results. There is no need to use harsh exfoliators - the willow bark will gently exfoliate with every application to reveal a beautiful new layer of skin every day.

key ingredients: Spirulina, camu camu powder, oils and butters of tamanu, babassu, mango, passionfruit, marula, marumaru, camelina and pomegranate.

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