Ultra Fine Finishing Polish (face)

Are you striving to have a silky and dewy finish on your facial skin? You’ve selected the correct product to get the job done effectively, safely and quickly. You don't need to apply harsh large particle scrubs on your face to achieve a healthy glow. Salt and sugar can abrade harshly, leaving your face red and burning. With just one application of our Ultra Fine Finishing Polish and you'll notice an addictive difference.

Some ingredients that play a key role:

Our glacial oceanic clay (Canadian colloidal clay) is harvested from the pristine coast of Northern British Columbia, Canada. This clay is truly a rare find and we are very excited about using it in this ultra fine beauty polish. The mica fine particles do an outstanding job exfoliating, removing impurities and excessive oil, and detoxifies the skin. Pore size is reduced revealing healthy, glowing, firmer skin.

Glacial oceanic clay has almost 60 rare earth elements that nourish the skin and supply healing properties that work harmoniously to take your skin to the top level of extraordinary beauty.

Sodium bicarbonate is a wonder ingredient that keeps acne pimples under control. It has amazing cleansing and exfoliating properties, removing dead skin cells and impurities from the skin.

Magnesium has potent anti-inflammatory action and because it is very quickly absorbed through the skin. it is a great skin care solution for many skin problems like acne, rosacea and pimples. Our bodies require magnesium for many important body functions and because of this absorption mechanism the body is receiving the benefits of magnesium while reacting efficiently and swiftly to unwanted skin problems.

You can count on our Ultra Fine Face Polish to:

-combat acne and help heal skin problems (pimples and breakouts)

-hydrates skin and helps reduce oiliness

-tones skin and tightens pores to reveal natural youth

-exfoliates skin and imparts a healthy glow

-detoxifies the skin and unblocks pores

-helps improve barrier function

-restores and balances skin’s pH

-improve circulation

-improves absorption of active skin ingredients

How to use this amazing skin polish:

Take a small amount in the palm of your hand and add water, a couple of drops at a time.  Mix and when you have the desired consistency (paste), use you fingertips and rub in small circles over your whole face. Rub for about 1 minutes or until you feel like you've done the job.  Rinse off with warm water and a facecloth. Enjoy the new skin you've revealed!



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