Baby Safe Belly Butter

So you're pregnant!  Luckily you can enjoy this product even if you aren't pregnant. 

                  Vitamin E enriched!

We feel this is a superior choice in mommy and baby safe belly butters with every ingredient being carefully chosen to do the intended job of silky moisturizing and providing hefty amounts of vitamin E to help prevent stretch marks. In this butter the main sources of vitamin E comes from astaxanthin, from red algae (super charged with vitamin E being many times more potent than any other source) and dragon’s blood resin, with vitamin E also being present in many of the other ingredients in this belly butter.

If you are choosing a vitamin E product to ward off or help combat present stretch marks, why not use the best?

Both bergamot and frankincense essential oils are safe for pregnant women as are all of the ingredients in this amazing formula.

This isn’t just a great non greasy product for pregnant women, it’s a magical moisturizing and cell restorative cream for dry skin anywhere on your body. It gives relief from itchy skin. Try it on freshly shaved legs! 

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