African Butter Cream

African Butter Cream is a rich, elegant face cream, used daytime or nighttime, empowering beautiful skin. 

We've perfectly combined some of the world's most perfectly (and naturally) created nut butters and oils, and turned them into this fabulous rich and buttery face cream. Smoky chocolaty scented raw unrefined shea butter softens the skin, offering anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. 

Marula oil is easily absorbed into the skin and quickly plumps it up giving skin back the youthful luster it had prior to damage from the sun or other environmental evils.

A notable component of guaiacwood oil is alpha-bulnesene which has been shown to be an excellent anti-inflammatory.  

Sesquiterpenes is a long word but a really cool constituent in guaiacwood oil. They are a class of terpenes which are known for skin calming, is an exciting antioxidant assisting in cellular repair. 

Some ingredients in this product: shea butter, baobab oil, marula oil, argan oil, guaiacwood oil, combined to perfection.....


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