Our Story

Hello! I am Linda Cupples and I’m the founder of, and formulator for, Galiano Island Soap Works. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by 4 amazing ladies who passionately keep Galiano Island Soap Works store thriving.  Thank you ladies!  Your dedication is so appreciated!

For many years I have studied with a highly accredited natural skin care formulation school in London England. Through my studies I have achieved status as a professional natural skin care formulator which has helped me immensely in my pursuit to creating a great skin care brand, that I’m very proud of. We craft exquisite products that target the skin with active botanical ingredients to firm and tighten the skin, lighten areas of hyperpigmentation, smooth, tone and encourage cell regeneration. Don’t settle for skin care products that just sit on your skin and do nothing. The world is full of DIY products that don’t perform like the professionally formulated ones do. Just because it’s plant based doesn’t mean it’s a great product!

Our products are all produced in two studios located on our farm, with the help of two skilled assistants, who proudly dedicate themselves to maintaining the integrity and quality of our products. All products are made in small batches to ensure optimum freshness.

We love to create quality products and don’t skim on active ingredients. If we say something is in a formula, we mean it’s in there!

We hope you can feel the level of our commitment and dedication when you use our products – that somehow the love of what we do is transferred to you.

Because beauty should not cost the earth….  

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