Our Story

Galiano Island Soap Works was founded by Linda Cupples who has achieved  accreditation as a professional skin care formulator. She completed her training in skin science and anti-aging formulation at a school in London England. Linda believes that training and learning should be ongoing and she continues to study.

The dedicated staff of four lovely ladies who have been the building blocks for many years, are who make our store the warm and enchanting place it is. Whether you stop by for a chat or to make a purchase, you will always be welcomed in. 

Our range of skin care formulas are all designed with specific targets in mind, using premium natural ingredients that are proven to deliver results. 

We believe in natural beauty. Our approach to skin care products is simple. We concentrate on using many of nature’s richest bounty from areas were plant life is grown in the purest naturally organic soils, in dense rich rainforests, and gifts from our oceans and glacier beds to create exquisite formulations of the world’s most amazing ingredients. 

We are passionate about seeking only the best and most unique active ingredients with all skin types and issues in mind. Whether it's premature aging, rough and uneven skin texture or acne, we offer high performance skin care products to target the problem.

First and foremost when it comes to using herbs and botanicals, we prefer to use fresh raw ingredients from our farm where we have complete control from seed purchases to processing into herbal and/or botanical waters, extracts, dehydrations and infusions into fine products.  Many of the fresh ingredients we use are wildcrafted.  All of our farm fresh ingredients are grown organically. 

Our products are mostly vegan with the exception of beeswax which comes from our own amazing buzzing and happy bees.   We are against cruelty to animals and completely support all of the movements toward shutting down animal testing for cosmetic ingredients. Supporting fair trade is also a very important initiative to us.

Our products are free from parabens, phthalates and other nasty chemicals that are either harmful to our bodies or to the environment.

We love to support our Canadian brothers and sisters wherever and whenever we can. We abundantly use omega 3, 6 and 9 rich camelina oil, imported all the way from Saskatchewan. 

When you see a "fragrance" listed on our labels be assured that they are "natural fragrances" or "plant based fragrance" which means they are scent blends produced from natural plant sources. Mostly we use essential oils but on occasion we prefer to scent a product with something that can't be reproduced with pure essential oils. 

Even our packaging choices are made with waste in mind. You won't find a box covering our jars of skin care products. Our landfills are already too full without adding a few more beautiful and expensive boxes to it. Most of our soap bars are not labelled but we will label on demand if it is requested. Every container we use is recyclable. We do not refill jars or bottles because of the high risk of contamination that we can't control.





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