1. Do you use preservatives in your products.

We choose to use preservatives in our products and use different preservatives depending on the ingredients. Because we use a lot of fresh raw ingredients spoilage would happen very quickly and not only would the product have a very short shelf life, but mould and bacteria would form and they are harmful. Like food, natural skin care products begin growing colonies of the nasties as soon as it has been cooled. Think of it this way, would you eat a plate of cooked carrots after it has been left on your counter for a couple of days? Likely not, because they have already started to spoil. 

All of our preservatives are natural and EcoCert. A quick chat with our friends and customers has confirmed that given the choice of using spoiled products versus ones with a friendly preservative, the preserved ones won hands down.  

There is a lot of controversy over the use of preservatives and the "free from" topic comes up often.  While consumers want natural skin care products to be free from harmful parabens, they also want the products to be free from moulds, fungus and bacteria.  

We remain watchful of new preserving techniques and ingredients.

2.  Do you use synthetic colours in your products?

We don’t use any synthetic colourant in our products.  Our soap is made with clays and natural colours from ingredients like beet root or annatto powder.  

3.  I love your Vitamin C Cream and notice that sometimes it varies in colour from one purchase to the next. Why is that?

That is because of the content of the raw ingredients we use. We harvest from different areas of our farm and the growing conditions can vary. The nutrients in the soil have a huge impact on what happens above the surface of the ground. For instance, depending on where a nettle plant is growing it can be a lighter green, a darker green or even have a purple tinge even though they are the same species. The variation in colour of our products is characteristic of using raw natural ingredients. If you see a colour change, you know you are getting the real deal. 

4.  Do you use synthetic fragrances in your products?

Most often we use a combination or blend of essential oils to scent our products. Sometimes we use natural scents (plant derived) because we are unable replicate a certain yummy scent we are looking for like strawberries.  If we are not using essential oils to "fragrance" our products, you can be sure we are using plant based oils.

5.  Do you sell vegan products?

Most of our products are vegan. The only non-vegan ingredient used in a small handful of our products is beeswax.  Our beeswax comes from our farm or from other local sources where we know the bees are cared for with kindness and respect. 

6.  Do you support animal testing?

We are against cruelty to animals in any way, shape or form. We do not purchase ingredients from companies who test on animals.

7.  Does Galiano Island Soap Works produce certified organic products? 

Although we use certified organic ingredients as much as possible and all of our farm grown raw materials are grown organically (completely free of herbicides and pesticides and synthetic fertilizers), we are not certified. 

8. Does Galiano Island Soap Works use chemical ingredients in any products?

We use only ingredients that are natural or derived from natural sources and we research and select very carefully. All of our products are 99.5% natural. keep in mind that all plants are made of chemicals so don't be frightened off by an ingredient name that you can't read or spell. We do not use synthetic chemicals. 

9.  Do you use palm oil?

We used to use palm oil in our soap but have completely switched to camelina oil because research showed that it is a great choice for our skin. It’s grown in Canada which means we are supporting some fellow Canadian farmers in Saskatchewan.

10.  Your prices are so reasonable. How do you keep your prices down?

Not only do we have simple packaging (no boxes), we keep our formulas amazing with maximum impact but with the use of less ingredients.  We use as much from the land as possible and these practices translates to savings for our customers. Although being a slower approach to building our customer base, we carefully choose our methods of bringing awareness to our products. 

A product doesn't have to have 30+ ingredients to be amazing and provide effective benefits to the skin. It has to have high quality and effective ingredients with high percentage use. Don't be fooled by brands who draw you in by naming so many ingredients in their product that it would make it impossible to add enough of each one to have any impact on the skin whatsoever.  It sounds good though, doesn't it? Let's face it, if there was 1% of argan oil (and 1% of 14 others) in a face cream it wouldn't be nearly as effective as it would be if there was 15% of just argan oil. As a consumer you have to pay attention to what you are buying. 

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